From Flower Power to the Sporting Life: Spring Outerwear Trends Run the Full Gamut

After a winter of being bundled up in huge coats that make everyone look like the Michelin Man and boots worthy of combat, spring is welcomed as the symbol of renewal that it is. As the days grow longer and the temps become warmer, nearly everyone is anxious to shed heavy winter coats, scarves, hats and boots. Several of the hottest trends for spring 2014 are familiar; others are classic but all are indicative of the change in season.

Of course, many runway looks are simply not available for everyday Joes and Janes. Some looks are simply too outlandish to be worn in everyday life. Other (mostly designer) pieces are frightfully expensive. Fortunately, certain online stores carry many of the more accessible styles at prices that non-celebrities and commoners without titles and wealth can afford.

Flower Power

One of the hallmarks of spring is the awakening of color in the form of flowers. Floral patterns represent a classic spring fashion trend. You can shrug off the gloomiest rain storm with a jacket or coat covered with floral blooms. Best of all, you will look chic and ultra-polished whenever you wear a monochromatic outfit that picks up one or more of the colors in your coat or jacket.

Go for pieces that feature large, showy flowers rather than patterns with tiny, busy buds that are better left to dresses meant for garden parties. If you actually intend to wear your floral jacket or coat in inclement weather, be sure that the fabric is sturdy enough to stand up to the elements. There is no need to go for a rubberized slicker unless you love them. Instead, look for treated water-resistant fabrics such as canvas.

Shimmer and Shine

Who says glitter, silver and gold are only suitable for evening wear?  For spring 2014, metallics are all the rage. If you are worried that you’ll tire of a floral-patterned jacket or coat before the season is done, consider outerwear in shimmery gold or silver fabric instead. Metallics are especially suited for formal or dressy occasions. In addition, gold and silver outwear can be treated as neutrals, which means that you can coordinate your metallic coat or jacket with any outfit in your wardrobe, including those with vibrant patterns.

Outerwear for Men

Of course, women do not have an exclusive hold on fashion. Many of the most distinctive fashion trends for spring 2014 are associated with outerwear for men. Of course, the classic leather jacket never goes out of style. However, men can also choose from rugged canvas safari jackets, versatile cotton jackets or linen jackets that can be dressed up for occasions where jeans won’t do but a suit and tie is a bit too stiff and formal.

A Riot of Colors

If you love color, you will adore the bright colors that are trending for spring 2014. From girly watercolor pastels to look-at-me shocking pink, there is at least one color in the spring fashion palette that will provide a punch of color to your wardrobe. Choose a trench coat in fire engine red, sunny yellow or sky blue to lift your spirits and bring smiles to the faces of passers-by.

Sportswear Without the Gym

You may be sporty, but that’s no excuse for going about looking as if you’re ready for the pitch. For spring 2014, sportswear has gone luxe, with rich fabrics and an eye for detail. However, you need not worry about comfort. These styles gently skim your curves rather than hugging them, allowing for free range of motion for your arms and comfy fit that is forgiving of the snacks that are an essential aspect of enjoying the match.

Coordination and Individuality

The key to fashion trends for spring 2014 is coordination. The idea is to look pulled together and polished, but not cookie-cutter perfect. The best approach is to adapt the fashion trends that you like best to your own personal style. Assess your wardrobe for missing pieces that you can fill with spring like florals or glam metallics.  The only absolute rule for spring fashions is that there are no hard and fast rules. Whether you love the retro look of tailored ensembles are more into relaxed separates, it’s possible to incorporate the best of the spring 2014 trends into your look.