How To Choose And Apply Blush

Most young girls and women find themselves fumbling when it comes to make up products at some point in their life. When you buy a certain product, they don’t come with an instruction manual, so we tend to guess until we find a process or a “look” that we like.

You don’t need to feel clueless when it comes to both choosing and applying blush any more! Below are some rules and tips that will help ensure that you end up with the best blush for your skin and your complexion possible.

Choosing the Color

With so many pinks, fuchsias and brown shades lining the store shelves, it can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to trying to choose the right blush color for you. The best way to determine what color will look best is to observe your cheeks after you have exercised, after you have come in from the cold, or you can try lightly slapping your cheeks. The color that you see is the color blush that you should choose, as it will give you the most natural appearance.

TIP: If you have fair skin, a rosy shade of blush will look great, olive skin looks good in peach shades, and darker skin types can usually pull off a beautiful apricot or red shade of blush.

Choosing the Formula

Just to make things a bit more complicated for you, different blushes come in different formulas. You can usually choose a blush based on your skin type. Powder is a great type of blush for anyone who has combination or oily skin, whereas a cream blush will work fantastically for those with drier skin. Some women, no matter what their skin type, will combine their powder blush with a cream blush to give themselves a longer lasting, more luminous glow.

Prepare your Skin

Prior to applying the blush, you will want to apply your usual make up basics. This includes the foundation, concealer, eye color and your lipstick. Now take a professional dome-shaped blush brush and apply the blush to your brush (you don’t want to use the flimsy brush that will come with a lot of blush sets out there; these will not properly distribute the blush on your cheeks).

Applying the Blush

To help determine where to apply the blush, all you have to do is smile! This will help you see where the “apples” of your cheeks are, or the roundest area. Once you have located this area, apply the blush only to the apples of your cheeks to give yourself a natural, healthy glow.

If you are using a gel or cream blush, dab the blush on with your middle finger and then blend it in smoothly.

Finishing the Look

To finish off your look, all you have to do is sweep a translucent powder over your face. If you think that your blush looks a bit too dark, all you will have to do is pat a bit of extra powder over the blushed areas. If you used a gel or cream blush, a tissue being blotted over the area should help remove the excess.