How to Choose the Best Lengthening Mascara

Long lashes, thick lashes, curled lashes and lashes that grow quickly are every woman’s desire, though unfortunately thanks to genetics and diet some women just can’t achieve those perfect lashes. Before you become completely discouraged with your eyelashes, you should consider using one of the best lengthening mascara products that are on the market today to really give your eyelashes that much needed boost.

There are some things that need to be taken into consideration when looking into getting the best lengthening mascara:

The Mascara Brush

The type of brush that accompanies your mascara plays a major role in just how well the mascara applies itself. If you are looking for the best lengthening mascara, be sure to choose a brush that has bristles that are both long and close together. This will not only extend your eyelashes, but it will also thicken them and give you that full lash look.

Lash Lengthening Ingredients

Yes, you really do need to take into consideration just what the cosmetic companies are putting into their lash lengthening products. Some of the most important ingredients that are contained in the best lash lengthening mascaras are:

  • Natural substances
  • Natural proteins
  • Natural waxes

By using natural ingredients, you are using substances that are natural to our bodies and therefore more easily absorbed and more effective.

Make Sure it’s Waterproof

You want to be sure that your lash lengthening mascara lasts throughout the entire day, as basic mascaras will just have the mascara flake off the very tips of your lashes (which completely ruins the long eyelash effect). By having a water repellent lash lengthening mascara, your lashes will resist moisture (such as tears, rain, and humidity) and won’t smudge or smear.

Volumizing Mascara

A key component to any lash lengthening mascara is its ability to really pump up the volume of your eyelashes. Volumizing mascaras consist of waxes (remember to aim for natural waxes!) and silicon polymers, both which coat your lashes and give you a thicker, fuller look.

Clump Free Formulas

One of the biggest “busts” of several of the lower grade lash lengthening mascaras out there is that they clump. The best lash lengthening mascara brands offer anti clump formulas that ensure both a smooth and even application of the product. The goal is to both separate each eyelash and to help define them, making them appear longer and more elegant. Anti clump formulas usually contain a silk extract and/or glycerin, two ingredients which will help the formula stay “clump free”.

Even if you have the best lash lengthening mascara out there, unless it is applied properly your mascara won’t be doing you a whole lot of favors. The best way to get the most volume from your lashes is to begin by having clean clashes that have just been curled with an eyelash curler. After that, apply the lash lengthening mascara and be prepared to see a real positive change in the appearance of your lashes!