How to Wear Glitter Makeup

Wanting to add a little bit more dazzle to your look by using some glitter makeup? When executed properly, glitter makeup can be absolutely stunning. But to apply it improperly may very well make you the farce of the party.

First thing to consider is just where you will be applying the glitter. Glitter can be applied to your face, body, or both and you can use a number of different products in a number of different shades (there is even glitter that you can spray or sprinkle in your hair!). Think about the makeup that you will be wearing. For anyone with a cooler complexion, strive to wear silver toned glitter and shimmer products. For those with a warmer complexion, gold tones work best. All in all, make sure that the glitter makeup or shimmer that you choose will match your makeup and attire.

TIP:For the eye area, do not use a body glitter makeup. Use only glitter makeup that is specifically formulated for your face otherwise you risk irritation or having the product flake into your eyes.

Now that you have narrowed down what glitter you will be using, set it aside and complete your makeup as usual. Once that has been applied to how you would like it to appear, apply a small amount of littler to your finger tip and dab it around your eyes. Just above the lash tips or the outer corners of your eyes has the best effect.

TIP: If you would like to apply the glitter makeup any where else on your face, do so by adding small amounts and adding more so that you are achieving your desired effect.

If you are going to apply body glitter, be sure to put on you clothing first; otherwise, the glitter will rub right off. You can choose from a number of products, from gels and lotions to glitter powders. Gels and lotions stay on best, but powders will give you the most natural sheen. Now it’s time to decide where you are going to be using the glitter. Some of the most popular places where women apply glitter makeup include:

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Lower legs (such as the front of the shins)
  • Tops of feet

Make sure that you apply only a thin layer to the area you would like to have covered, and use very smooth even strokes. Wait for it to dry (if necessary) and you’re good to go!

TIP: Once you are finished using your glitter makeup, wash your hands immediately! Otherwise you will be leaving glitter all over your clothing, your home, and on anything else you may touch.

At the end of the night, removing eye glitter makeup may be a bit more difficult than removing your usual makeup. For eye makeup, be sure to use eye makeup remover and cotton balls or cotton pads to remove it properly. For your body, a good exfoliating body scrub should work well. Follow up both by moisturizing the area well with an eye cream or rich body lotion.