Putting Your Best Face Forward With Make Up

Everyone has at least one feature about themselves that they are not particularly thrilled about. Maybe you feel like you’re too short. You might look at your fingers and consider them pudgy. Perhaps you think your feet are too big.

>There are only two choices when it comes to physical appearance. One is to undergo cosmetic surgery to dramatically alter the way we look. The other is to make the most of what we were born with and learn to live with the rest.

When it comes to your face, knowing the ins and outs of make up are a great way to enhance the features you love about your face, while making the parts you don’t like less obvious. Make up is all about light reflection and shading. You highlight to draw light and attention to the areas of your face you love the most. You darken and detract from the areas you don’t want to be so noticeable.

Eyes are usually a featured area that most people like to show off. Using bolder colours are great for your eyes, but if you find the lids are a little bunchy, be precise with your eyeshadow.

Start with a neutral base colour all over the lid and under the brow. Use a contouring colour along the crease line, with a bright highlighting shade below the eyebrow. Fill in the line above the lash with a medium colour to soften the look.

One common complaint about the face, is often a wide nose. Very few people were actually born with cute button noses, but the rest of us can adjust our make up to deflect light away from the width of our nose.

After you’ve applied foundation all over your face, use a highlighting powder and gently sweep it down the front of your nose, from the bridge to the tip. Next, use a darker, subtler shade along each side of the nose to deflect the light. The combined effect will make your nose look thinner, by manipulating light reflections to where you want the visual focus to go.

There is absolutely not one person with a perfect face or body. While a few touch ups can boost your confidence, in the end, it’s best to be happy with who you are, rather than who others think you should be.