Taking Advantage of Lipstick Colors

Pinks, reds, plums and purples. Browns, tans, nudes and neutrals. Going to choose a lipstick that will work with your skin tone may seem torturous or like it is a painful experiment, but it does not have to be that way. Having so many different lipstick colors and shades available to you isn’t a mistake or a cosmetic brand trying to trick you either. These shades are available because each shade compliments someone – even you!

Daytime Lipstick Shades

Daytime lipstick colors just continue to expand larger and larger as more sheer tones and browns and golds come into the picture. It can be pretty hard to choose which one would suit you best, especially if you are unaware of the almighty lipstick rule:


That’s right, you do not need to choose a lipstick that you “think” will best suit your green eye shadow, nor do you need to pick out a lipstick that matches your dress. It’s all about what skin tone you have and how to couple daytime lipstick colors with it. There are two skin tones:

  • Blue undertones (cool complexion with pink or bluish hues under the skin)
  • Yellow undertones (warmer complexion with brown or golden hues under the skin)

It is also possible for you to have a mix of both, in which case you can generally pull off any lipstick color you choose.

Those with a blue undertone to their skin will do best with:

  • Light, sheer pinks
  • Sheer berry tones

Those with warmer undertones will benefit the most from these daytime lipstick colors:

  • Nude
  • Neutral sheer brown shades
  • Sheer darker pink tones

Nighttime Lipstick Shades

Nighttime lipstick shades are the fun shades, where you can go out and play up your lips ten times more than you would during the day. When most people think of “nighttime” lipstick colors, they think of bright reds that most women believe are impossible to pull off (complete misconception!). This could not be further from the truth, though we will cover what type of “red” shade both skin tones can “pull off” if they choose.

Blue undertones will be able to work the following shades into their nighttime lipstick repertoire:

  • Deeper red shades with a dark blue undertone
  • Berry shades
  • Dark pinks, magentas, and muted purples

Those with a warmer complexion will benefit from using the following lipstick colors:

  • Red shades with an orange undertone
  • Darker browns and tans
  • Warm colored lipsticks with a gold sheen

The general rule when it comes to lipstick colors is that those with a cooler complexion will look fabulous in any sort of jewel tone, such as blues and greens, pinks, purples, and mixes of the above. Those with a warmer complexion will look stunning in more earthy tones, which include yellows, orange tones, browns and yellow-greens.

As for those crazy colors you run into every once in a while, like deep blackish purples and navy blues, anyone who is brave enough to pull those lipstick shades off need not bother consulting with their skin tone to try and find the perfect shade!