Undercover Fashion: The Classic Trench Coat and What to Wear Underneath It

If you’re looking to make a statement this winter, try a trench coat mixed with your favourite outfit. Trench coats are popular, and they come in a wide variety of colours so you never have to wonder if you can find one to match your outfit, or settle for a boring hue.

The trick to wearing a trench coat convincingly is knowing what the trench should ideally look like, and how to pair it and wear it for a variety of occasions. Fortunately, all the leg work has been done for you, so keep reading for an overview of how to pick a trench, what to pair it with, and tips for making the look uniquely yours.

Picking a Trench Coat

There’s a difference between trench coats that are chic, like macs, and those that look as though they’re made for a man. Women’s trench coats are very different than men’s, and are designed to accent your silhouette, so make sure to choose one that fits properly.

When you shop for other outerwear or coats, you’re likely looking for something that loosely hangs over your body, or acts as a casual coat you’ll shed once indoors. But a trench can be worn all day long, and is an integral part of your outfit, so be sure and look for fit as well as function in your coat.

Most trenches are knee-length and made from thick fabric and, sometimes, rain proof material. They offer protection from the cold, and can also help you make a fashion statement. Ideally, if you’re trying on a trench, you should be able to pull the belt tight to reveal a nice silhouette. If your trench doesn’t provide this, find a different one.

Pick trench coats in a variety of colours and styles, but make sure they don’t go too far below the knee, otherwise they can start to look drab instead of fab. Now that you’ve found a trench coat or two that fits, here’s how to pair them for a beautiful and fashionable outfit.

Casual Trench Pairings

If you’re out for a casual day with friends, or even dressing for casual Friday at the office, you can pair a trench coat with a t-shirt and well-fitted jeans, adding a pair of pumps for a nice touch of class. Add sunglasses and a piece of statement jewellery, and you’re on your way to a fashionable, casual trench coat outfit. For this look, you can wear the coat unbuttoned and roll the sleeves to three-quarter length for a chic look.

You can also wear a trench coat over your favourite jumper and a pair of dress or casual trousers. Heels and boots make the best shoe pairings for the trench coat, since it will add height and keep the bottom of the coat further off the ground, adding to the chic appearance. Of course, if you’re up for it, you can also wear the trench by itself with heels or boots for a streamlined and clean appearance.

Formal Trench Pairings

If you’re looking for a more formal approach, pair your trench coat with a nice jumper, tights, boots, and an oversized shawl. This is a great look for winter, and is suitable for the office, or for a posh outfit if you’re going to a show. Alternatively, you can don a pair of coloured tights with a sweater dress and boots, topping the look off with your trench coat, which should be in a neutral or complimentary shade.

A nice dress with heels and a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings with the trench coat worn open can be an elegant look, especially if worn with a pair of pumps. And, for those who prefer trousers, you can pair wide-legged trousers with a coloured trench, ensuring to pull the belt snug at the waist. This makes for a gorgeous and cheery look, particularly when paired with boots.

No matter what impression you’re trying to make with your outfit, a trench coat can help you make it. From formal to casual, daring to demure, the trench coat can be combined with just about anything to add some chic elegance and class to your wardrobe. Be sure to pick up a variety of trench coats in styles and colours that suit your personality and preferences, and pair them with your favourite outfits for a fashionable (and warm) winter.