What to Consider When Buying Lip Liners

Women will put a whole lot of thought into their foundation, their eye shadow, and their lipstick colors, but we rarely put a whole lot of consideration into our lip liners. Believe it or not, just as with all of the other makeup products out there, lip liners also seem to have a whole entire cosmetic sect of their own – and it’s still growing!

Why Use Lip liners?

If you have ever put on lipstick without using a lip liner, you are missing an important part to having a polished and finished look. Lip liners not only help define your lips and make them stand out, but lip liners also help prevent your lipstick from bleeding, and they will help make your lipstick last longer! Some women even use lip liners to change the appearance of their lips all together. Lip liners can make your lips appear thinner, fuller, or alter their shape entirely.

What Types of Lip Liners Are There?

The two most popular choices of lip liners are the traditional lipstick pencil, or the newer “twist-up” automatic pencil. The more traditional lip liner pencil involves a pencil and a pencil sharpener. The “twist-up” pencil allows you to continuously have a sharpened pencil with just a simple twist – no sharpener required!

Which is better is really more of a matter of personal preference than anything. The twist-up lip liners are certainly more convenient, however actually having to manually sharpen a pencil each time allows for a finer point and far less of a chance of bacterial buildup. The twist-up lip liners also leave you wondering when the product is actually finished. One morning you may get up to use your lip liner, only to discover that you actually have none left.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the twist-up liners are both smoother and more wet. Yes, this makes the application process far more easy, however the twist-up lip liners rub off far more easily than the pencil lip liners.

What About Color?

Many women make the mistake of buying a lip liner shade that is far too dark, believing that having a dark outline around their lips will help define their shape. Do not make this dreadful mistake! When choosing a lip liner color, strive to get a lip liner that is within a shade or two of your lipstick shade.

An alternative (and a great tool to always have on hand) is to buy a colorless or nude-colored wax pencil. It too will help define your lip shape as it helps guide and keep your lipstick just where it is supposed to stay.

Lastly, what you also have to consider is the brand to buy. Not all brands are created equal, as you will quickly discover when you try sampling a lip liner on the back of your wrist. Always, always try the lip liner before you buy it and see how smoothly it goes on and how well it will stay put. Though the least expensive is rarely the best, this doesn’t mean that the best is the most costly. Try out as many as you want and ask the beautician at the store what he or she recommends.