Which Popular Nail Polish Should You Pick?

With so many different nail polish brands and colors out there to choose from, you can easily get lost in any beauty store or cosmetic section of a drug store just trying to find the right nail polish for you.

If you are having problems narrowing down just which nail polish shades are right for you, it may be a good start to look at what popular nail polish shade and trends are happening and which brands will work best with your style and unique personal taste.

OPI Nail Polish

OPI is a brand that any woman who has ever entered a spa or salon is familiar with. OPI is a top choice for salons, and for a good reason. Not only are there a wide range of colors to choose from, but the nail polish is at a price almost anyone can afford and it’s of great quality. OPI nail polish goes on thicker than a lot of other nail polish brands out there, meaning you need to apply fewer layers to get the same desired look.

Try out OPI’s glitter nail polish in golden shades and hues to really get in with this season’s popular nail polish trend.

Illamasqua Nail Polish

If you are looking for a more exclusive and luxurious nail polish that has a bright and bold punch, then visit your local Sephora beauty store or check out their website to view the Illamasqua nail polish line. This nail polish line is truly ahead of the fashion curve. The colors are unique, daring, and have not been duplicated by any other nail polish brands out there.
These nail polishes are a bit more costly than other brands, most being in the range of $14 USD a bottle, but with the $14 you are getting a trend setting nail polish shade that dries quickly, resists chipping and splitting, and really makes an impression. Try out Illamasqua’s “Harsh”, a silver glitter nail polish or during the summer months give “Lament”, a coral toned nail polish, a try.

Lancôme Nail Polish

For those with some extra cash to spend, definitely go for a high end Lancôme nail polish. Lancôme always has some of the hottest newest shades of nail polish available on the market. Often you will see the Lancôme shades of nail polish walking down with the models on the runway. These nail polishes are luxurious, dry quickly, and are quite chip resistant. Don’t expect to have to fix this nail polish for at least 3-5 days as it is also extremely durable.

For the more bold and adventurous out there, definitely give Lancôme’s “Pop Petrol” black colored nail polish a try. This black nail polish gives that sparkly, liquid look to the day you take it off of your finger tips.

Chanel Nail Polish

Chanel is another boutique brand of nail polish that you can always count on. Chanel often offers some of the most expensive nail polishes that can be found on the market, but they are always trend setting and creating a big splash on the nail polish with their innovative and truly unique nail polish shades and formulations.